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The Most

Nov 26, 2020

Gifted musician and producer Boris Zeebroek aka Bolis Pupul joins Dominique for episode 27 of The Most, which means another DEEWEE signee has entered the loft. 

Having toured with Neneh Cherry in 2019 and Metronomy in 2020, the richly skilled artist sits down to discuss some of his many musical projects like Bolis Pupul, Charlotte Adigéry, The Germans and Hong Kong Dong. On this iteration of The Most, tune in to hear how the artist went from being a quirky teen with trust-issues (due to navigating life with a famous Dad) playing gigs at local youth houses as ‘Boris and The Stiff Ones’ to selling out shows touring in New York and L.A. and playing with the likes of Neneh Cherry and Metronomy. He discusses his thoughts on virtual and socially distanced performance in a post-COVID world and finding happiness in returning to the stage. Boris shares tour memory highs and lows and how he got a fresh start working with Stephen and David Dewaele aka Soulwax aka 2ManyDJs at DEEWEE. He also lays out the therapeutic process of crafting music with his friend and The Most Episode 12 guest Charlotte Adigéry and finishing their upcoming debut album, as well as his ‘Bolis Pupul’ album plans.

Past, present, future and an ideal festival line-up align in an essential new listen for music fiends all around.

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