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The Most

Mar 5, 2020

When artist, producer, singer and DEEWEE signee Charlotte Adigéry and Dominique met a little over a year ago, it felt so familiar they became friends on sight. A couple of days before embarking on her first American tour, Charlotte sat down at the loft to discuss her early songwriting days and the freedom of getting to record at the studio complex built by Stephen and David Dewaele of Soulwax and 2ManyDJs. She also shares truths about finding the tools to become your own artist, fighting writer's block and the full-on producing partnership with bandmate Bolis Pupul she holds so dear. Dominique and Charlotte also discuss their mutual non-twerking abilities, being plugged by the great Iggy Pop, looking for the right fashion collaborations and the main difference between their obsession with Larry David. 

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The Most is written and produced by KNOTORYUS