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The Most

Sep 17, 2020

Olympian turned sustainable activewear entrepreneur and TV-host Elodie Ouedraogo talks to Dominique about her road from being "not-even-mediocre" at track-and-field to being the world's best together with the Belgian women’s relay team in Beijing. The two discuss being on opposite sides of the runner-spectrum and Dominique feels like she is watching a thriller when Elodie describes what the moments leading up to a championship face-off feel like and how the mental game is played. The former athlete openly discusses self-sabotaging and what one of her biggest regrets is before moving onto the evolution of the sustainable performance wear brand 4254 she owns with her friend and former team mate Olivia Borlée. Elodie also fans out about fashion and The Most episode 13-guest Glenn Martens in particular and shares the lessons she learned from her fiancé Jeroom and how he stopped her from scaring Raf Simons off his bike. 

Read Elodie's Black Lives Matter column here  (Dutch)

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