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The Most

Dec 6, 2019

Inge Grognard is the most groundbreaking and influential make-up artist in contemporary fashion, but working for Balenciaga or Marc Jacobs hasn’t dampened her love for the underdog one bit. Taking a quick break from flying from one international set to another, Grognard visits the loft to recount her days as a young teen meeting her best friend who also happened to be Martin Margiela’s cousin, kickstarting a decades-long friendship and work-relationship with the designer himself. Dominique really wants to talk about the little known fact that Inge was present during the infamous 1986 Antwerp Six breakthrough at London Fashion Week, where she was solely in charge of make-up looks for the collections of each individual member, being Walter Van Beirendonck, Dries Van Noten, Dirk Van Saene, Dirk Bikkembergs, Marina Yee and Ann Demeulemeester. Inge shares memories from her whirlwind wedding at 23, her Adam and the Ants-inspired wedding look designed by Margiela of course and the beautiful book she made with her husband Ronald Stoops after 30 years of them collaborating. Inge and Dominique also get into Inge’s love for collaborating with young innovators like Shayne Oliver from Hood By Air and Akeem Smith from Section 8 and when the international icon -as her close friend Dirk Van Saene once called her- discusses the intense emotions she experienced during what turned out to be the very last Maison Martin Margiela runway under the reign of Margiela himself, she confesses to one of her biggest regrets in life and how it informed a recent very difficult decision she had do make.