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The Most

Mar 4, 2021

The abundantly talented and visionary Tribeca Film Festival-awarded director, writer and TV showrunner Inès Eshun opens The Most season 4 sharing a powerful and deep conversation with your host  Dominique. Inès paints her story - starting with her most recent directorial/writing triumph: dark comedy miniseries ‘De Shaq’. She retraces the series’ creative process & her unwavering intention of taking underrepresented talent on all levels through every door with her. She talks channelling profound and absurd life experiences and feelings of societal sorrow into her craft and working with co-writers Soe Nsuki & Chingiz Karibekov (listen to Soe’s unforgettable episode here) and 'De Shaq' co-director Anthony Nti. Inès also lays out her journey of being a precocious kid growing up in between elitist Catholic schools and social housing and parenting herself as well as her younger siblings from a young age. Learn how she grew from being an autodidact extraordinaire, entering a spiritual dialogue with the universe and life itself – to eventually graduating Film school while creating much-lauded short films such as ‘The Life of Esteban’, which lead to working with BAFTA Winner and Oscar nominee Raoul Peck and landed her a Tribeca Film Festival ‘Young Visionary’ Award with celebrated author and jury member Sapphire beaming with pride in the background. A story of incredible persistence and unyielded giftedness.