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The Most

Nov 28, 2019

Award-winning director Jonas Govaerts has just started prepping the sequel to his 2014 feature film 'Welp' aka 'Cub', which means Dominique going on long tangents about her scouting days doesn't phase him at all. He shares how he found a framework for his first movie and how he got to design a horror maze for a big theme park. The two also discuss Jonas' fast rise in the Belgian rock, magazine and TV world and what happened after he woke up to the severe ear bleeding that would derail his life for years to come. Dominique is keen to know how Jonas deals with professional rejection and what working with Nicolas Cage was like. And when the two finally get to discuss cult director Richard Stanley for whom Jonas got to direct 2nd unit for his anticipated comeback movie 'Color Out of Space', it is really on. 

The Most is written and produced by Dominique Nzeyimana for KNOTORYUS 

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