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The Most

Oct 1, 2020

Kim Peers graced the cover of Italian VOGUE multiple times when it most mattered, while also being the face of YSL during its Tom Ford-run. The iconic editorial and runway model and musician shares tales of working in high fashion and forming her band Skemer with Amenra-founding member and lead guitarist Mathieu Vandekerckhove. Kim recounts going from not knowing who Steven Meisel is to the master-photographer launching her career. Dominique wants to know if working with fellow Belgian Frederik Heyman -who is now known for his recent Arca and Lady Gaga covers- is as enthralling as it seems and the two compare notes on deciding to live an alcohol, drug and cigarette-free life. Kim also talks about how her non-conformist ways led her to being bullied in primary school, but how the free and ever-evolving path she chooses to follow is imperative to a deeper understanding of who she really is.