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The Most

Oct 15, 2020

The inexhaustible artist Klaas Rommelaere is Dominique’s guest as his must-be-seen exhibition ‘Dark Uncles’ is taking over. Sitting down at the loft, Klaas weaves a story starting from being a dancing boy scout to opening two solo shows during a pandemic. Bracingly honest, disarmingly energetic and funny, the artist retraces the road from fashion school to interning with greats like Raf Simons and Henrik Vibskov and how that taught him that life is mostly about grabbing opportunities and working your ass off. Learn how the enormous embroidered puppets in ‘Dark Uncles’ found their moniker thanks to Cynthia Erivo and how a group of retired women have seen the artist through highs and lows. Klaas shares how fighting through doubt, heartbreak and being overambitious can still lead to glorious fruition.

Visit Klaas Rommelaere: ‘Dark Uncles’ exhibition until January 31, 2021 at Texture Kortrijk.

‘Dark Uncles’ the book is available here.