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The Most

Nov 7, 2019

Unflinching visual artist and fashion and graphic designer Kofi Von Ohene visits Dominique Nzeyimana in the loft. Just turning 23 on the day this episode drops, Von Ohene has already reached legendary status among his own and a younger generation with his eponymous Kofi Von Ohene line. It’s a lot of word-to-mouth, though, as this Ghent-born and raised 23-year-old fiercely protects his online presence. During the conversation, Kofi gets into the reason his football dreams fell through and how it led him to graphic design and fashion. He also discusses what the infamous '696' represents and how being inspired by Tom Hardy brought him to his first important co-sign.

Kofi Von Ohene on Instagram: @kofivonohene @vonohene @696world

Dominique Nzeyimana on Instagram: @dominique_knotoryus

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The Most is written and produced by KNOTORYUS 

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