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The Most

Dec 19, 2019

First ever The Most guest Lefto returns to usher out the year and subsequently Series 1 of the show. Your favourite DJ's favourite DJ, festival curator and label owner and Dominique have so much more to talk about. For instance, the big Keith Haring retrospective that was about to open when this episode was recorded and that is currently running at Bozar in Brussels until mid May 2020. They then talk about mountain biking which they both took up at a certain point in time, the hypochondriac life, documentary-making plans, curating festivals, running a record label and the difficulty of getting picked-up as an artist in a streaming world. Dominique also asks why Lefto looked a little bit bummed at the huge party celebrating his 20-year career as a radio DJ and host and of course gets an honest answer. They discuss perseverance, the trials and tribulations of running your own label in a conglomerate world, how the fashion system is stealing from the culture, favourite artists, DJ-sets and sneakers of 2019, including Lefto's own dream collaboration.