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The Most

Oct 30, 2019

Enigmatic GOOSE-frontman and ever-stylish musician Mickael Karkousse visits the loft to talk about how it took his bandmates nudging him in the right direction for him to even consider recording solo music. He also discusses how the chase for continuous evolution led to the opening of a recording studio complex that just sent out the soundtrack to ‘War of the Worlds’ and other international series. He opens up about his love and hate relationship with fashion, his short-lived modelling career for some of the Belgian greats and about what happens when after you get to collaborate with Raf Simons, DIOR, Willy Vanderperre and Storm Thorgerson, you deliberately decide to go back to DIY. Dominique is very curious to know if going solo means that we get a deeper look inside the psyche of his pretty mysterious MK persona and the two apparently share a weird trait of getting inspired while people they respect are all up in their ear. They end things off with some of their thoughts on Virgil Abloh and finding balance.  

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