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The Most

Apr 28, 2022

Ray Fuego is a once-in-a-generation artist & phenomenon and Dominique is honoured to finallhave him sit down at the loft as she's been trying to get him on the show since its inception.

As an original member of Amsterdam activist art collective and cultural movement SMIB, award-winning solo artist,  Ploegendienst frontman & best-dressed man according to GQ, Ray Fuego is a singular stage-killer and cultural waymarker streaming meaning and music from The Netherlands to the globe.

This episode, Ray talks good days, school struggles and breaking through cycles. Weaving insights on mental health and energy-protection into his creative process, Ray takes us back from before BUMMY BOYS to SMIB to the mood and build of his upcoming album ‘Open, Bloot N Paranoïde’.

Discover the luminous mind behind the music who is showing next gens the way through education, loving hard and utter freedom of thought.

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‘Open, Bloot N Paranoïde’ - The new album by Ray Fuego OUT MAY 13, 2022

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