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The Most

Oct 14, 2021

This episode of The Most is made possible with the support of Modemuseum Hasselt and ‘Activewear’, the acclaimed fashion exhibition running until December 30 2021. Get your tickets for their all-new expo “STREETWEAR” – curated by Dominique Nzeyimana and for the upcoming Q&A with Guillaume "Gee" Schmidt from Patta, Elodie Ouédraogo and Olivia Borlée on December 18, 2021 . 

Episode 42! 

Premier tastemaker Robin De Flô aka 'Flo' founder of former Antwerp streetwear cult label A Cut Above and now also of high end sustainable repurposing project a:(r)kaiv (read as: archive) joins Dominique Nzeyimana for a beginning-to-future talk. Flo opens up about runway memories & re-appropriation stories with Raf Simons, a life of success, stumbles & forever growth. The two discuss the importance of self-reflection, good music, how to move on after loss, falling in love with vintage, wedding-saving & being the plug for Virgil Abloh.

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