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The Most

Oct 24, 2019

Stand-up comedian Soe Nsuki visits the loft and discusses her whirlwind-career from never having been on stage or even having seen live comedy, to performing her hilarious solo show and tour in a little over six years. The only solo show by a Belgian comedian that comedy-nerd Dominique has been willing to pay money for, mind you. The two of them delve into plenty of real talk, from finding a way to deal with the madness of growing up, the pitfalls of nightlife, learning how to write comedy and spinning trauma into gold. They also try to work through their mixed feelings regarding one particular problematic fave, aka Dave Chappelle, discuss how therapy can help with crafting jokes and Dominique finds out how after one particular YouTube binge, Margot Robbie became Soe's unlikely example. 

Tickets for Soe Nsuki's live stand-up show 'Soetopia' here

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