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The Most

Dec 22, 2020

Author, playwright and activist Dalilla Hermans accepted Dominique’s invitation to come back on the show to keep up with a The Most Christmas tradition and end-of-year-wind-down set in motion last year.  

The two friends can’t help but always engage in candid conversations, so listen in on what happened when Dalilla invited 30 Black women, including your host, to spend a weekend together in the woods as an inspiration for her play that premiered 6 weeks later. Of course, AfroLit, the book Dalilla published together with Ebissé Rouw from Dipsaus Podcast is discussed and Dalilla shares some of her most important memories from the editing process. The duo then tries out some new segments Dominique came up with and will probably never use again like ‘Can I live?” and “OOOF”. Also, discover why Dalilla sometimes likes to pretend she’s an English lady and Dominique is positive she is Kenya Barris’ twin.

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