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The Most

Mar 18, 2022

The abundantly talented painter Bahati Simoens sits down with Dominique Nzeyimana at the loft for an extensive talk. 

From growing up happy-go-lucky in Burundi to a less comfortable life in Belgium, Bahati shares how she finally found her footing becoming a raved-about artist within 2 years of first putting a brush to canvas.

Channelling and reflecting her Black gaze on the bodies she brilliantly paints with palpable tenderness & light, Bahati Simoens’ figurative work self-contains an entire universe. If fine art’s on your radar, you’ll know a Bahati Simoens without second-guessing.

On this episode, the artist relives almost instantly selling out her ever so recent Belgian solo debut ‘Jasmine, Like Summer’ and explains how going through all the feelings bolstered the therapeutic nature of her practice.
She also shares a word on how South Africa is 'the vibe' and how her subjects expanded along with her confidence.

On top, pick up priceless advice on creating a fully independent exhibition and how to shift the narrative when it comes to your work.