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The Most

Apr 2, 2021

Clare Rojas, whose artistic iterations first came into broad view alongside the ‘Mission School’ movement coming out of San Francisco, an association culminating into the 'Beautiful Losers' documentary, exhibition tour and book, is internationally known as a highly accomplished and prolific fine artist with works acquired by the MoMA and the Whitney Museum of American Art. Although revered for possessing an uncanny talent for fairytale-like story-telling sometimes carrying a darker twist, which she also channels into songwriting, the artist proved early on incapable of sticking to one medium or style, which only made her output that more intriguing. Checking in from the Bay Area and on the verge of opening a new solo exhibition at the esteemed Jessica Silverman Gallery in San Francisco, Clare talks to Dominique about snakes and flies, growing up in Colombus, Ohio as a Peruvian-American kid, attending high profile art schools as a scholarship kid, The Cure, writing and producing her fifth album ‘Grocery Store Flowers’, the quest for great gallery representation, spending her working and waking hours between compulsive painting and obsessive songwriting and shedding her musical alter ego Peggy Honeywell .


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