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The Most

Oct 29, 2020

Force-of-nature author, artist and LGBTQIA+ activist Fleur Pierets has joined Dominique in the loft - safely and a couple of weeks before new COVID-19 measures were implemented. Hear Fleur unwind the tale from her early life-on-the-move to crucial lessons and falling in love head over heels with Julian. She recounts how they founded Et Alors? queer arts magazine with no experience except for what Google had on offer - eventually capturing 750,000 readers over 20 celebrated issues. Fleur then bravely opens up about the way she and her by then wife took on a globally reported performance piece in 2017 by planning to get married in the 22 countries where same-sex marriage was legal. Her poignant, compelling book ‘Julian’ tells Fleur’s story of losing everything when Julian passed away early into the art project. She opens up about navigating life since then, embracing her fluid state of mind and finally making long-term plans again. Fleur also shares how harassing hatemail fuelled her commitment to helping LGBTQIA+ teens living in shelters worldwide and she gives the download on how she got cheeky with Boy George, ’ as well as the children’s book deal she landed while staring at a work of art at MoMa. 

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