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The Most

Jun 10, 2021

The title of graphic designer doesn’t really do justice to the entire world of high-voltage kick and verve that Paul Boudens brings with him – both professionally and as a human being. 

For one, his work has become entirely synonymous with Belgian fashion. He’s also internationally prized as one of the must-hire artisans propelling the visual language of art, theatre and dance forward. You immediately recognise a Paul Boudens-original when you see it as his work has this yet unmatched kinetic energy, containing a multitude of layers with a standout hand-crafted finish. 

From his early-day bombshell Jurgi Persoons and Walter Van Beirendonck artwork, his forever resonating work as the co-founder of (N°) A Magazine to his book designs for Yohji Yamamoto, Myung-il Song or MoMu Fashion Museum Antwerp, there’s no denying the Paul Boudens signature. 

A former military kid, Paul spent a few years flailing around Antwerp as a self-described "80s Kim Kardashian", when a chance encounter sent him on the path of graphic design and illustration 

After an initial introduction to Walter Van Beirendonck that got him working on his ‘Fashion is Dead’ newspaper, Paul was asked to design prints for the Antwerp Six-member's collections, which later on meant living through and thriving during Walter's iconic W.&L.T. days. Thirty years later, the two are still working together. 

Paul talks to Dominique about navigating the inception, growth and eventual loss of (N°) A Magazine, how he tries to embody the multitude of personalities of his clients without losing his own way. The two also discuss how much blood is needed to design a 90s Jurgi Persoons invitation and what it was like to have Jun Takahashi's UNDERCOVER team biking through your Versailles-sized flat.