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The Most

Apr 29, 2021

This week’s guest on The Most is the magnetically talented actor, award-winning playwright, theatre director and singer Sachli Gholamalizad.

Sachli and Dominique  don’t hold back as they discuss the artist’s path from post-revolution Iran to Belgium, first realising she had a talent as a kid in poetry class, all through creating the award-winning first iteration of her theatrical trilogy.

The fearlessly dedicated Sachli delves into her love-hate bond with acting, moving past the gatekeepers, portraying the complexities of people of colour and how much respect for and space to create with young diasporic talent is due.

Sachli also details how she built on the skills she learned when studying method acting with Jack Waltzer in Paris and why she’s playing “hard-to-get”.

Tune in for a sitdown about the growth to be found in taking a step back, the importance of listening to the future generation, self-discovery, language, creating during COVID, checking your own westernised POV and artistic representation.