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The Most

Nov 11, 2021

Days before securing a highly coveted grant from the city of Antwerp, Australian-born, Belgian-based fashion designer of digital fashion company Mutani, Shayli Harrison sits down at the loft.  She and Dominique lock in for a critical talk about the future of fashion and the metaverse rabbit hole she had your host falling into preparing for this episode.

But first there is time to listen to the designer explain what it's like growing up with survivalist interests in the unique nature-scape of Perth and how she cut her teeth in the fashion industry. From club kid life in Sydney to taking the leap to the prestigious Antwerp Fashion Department Shayli talks about learning to trust her own instincts and the need to help build a new fashion system.

The pair discuss interning with Manish Arora in India and how talented young designers can wield NFTs to earn an income outside of traditional fashion.

Shayli also lays out her goals for Mutani, the challenges for traditional brands stepping into the metaverse & being a ‘creative beast’ in an entrepreneurial space.

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