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The Most

Nov 25, 2021

This episode of The Most is made possible with the support of Modemuseum Hasselt.  

Get your tickets for the ‘Activewear’ and “STREETWEAR” fashion exhibitions running until December 30 2021. 

On episode 45 of The Most, cultural current-shifting artist, designer & creative consultant Tremaine Emory joins Dominique Nzeyimana in conversation. Tremaine Emory is co-founder of music, style and nightlife collective No Vacancy Inn and widely known by his alias & artistic clothing label Denim Tears (collabs include Virgil Abloh, Levi’s, Converse, Champion, A$AP Mob, Nike, New Balance, Machine-A…). Above all, Tremaine Emory is a storyteller- and conductor, creating a bridge towards deeper understanding of the human condition and the global impact of the African diaspora. 

For this special episode, Tremaine travels back from music memories and early life lessons instilled by his parents, family and neighbourhood of St. Albans, Queens NY to the revelations, challenges and breakthroughs that lead him to build up the confidence – and most crucially, the community – to thrive in spaces like the international fashion and art world. 

Tremaine also discusses the importance & subversiveness of sharing the story of Alvin Ailey and his tribe of dancers through new clothing collab together with Champion dubbed ‘Champion Tears’, highlighting the intersection of the dancer as athlete and artist. 

Find out which iconic legacy brands Denim Tears is inspired by and how he ventured from his position at Marc Jacobs to being art and brand director-at-large for Stüssy and how it felt seeing his work for the first time immortalised at The Met museum. 

Join in for an episode with a brilliant, generous mind who shares his insights on the dance of finding work-life balance, the friends and collaborators who played a major part along the way, how to stop looking for outside validation, plus what’s next for Denim Tears. 

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Get your tickets for the live "STREETWEAR" Q&A with Guillaume Schmidt from Patta and UNRUN founders Elodie Ouédraogo and Olivia Borlée & Dominique Nzeyimana at Modemuseum Hasselt on Saturday December 18 2021 - 3PM here