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The Most

Nov 12, 2020

Visual artist and all-round cultural connector Brian Elstak, has called into the loft! Tune in to hear Brian unravel the story of growing up in a small town near Amsterdam and what those early days taught him about the importance of representation and community - plus how an Eddie Murphy movie shaped the vision of his future.

Brian shares with your host Dominique Nzeyimana how his mantra came to be and lays out his thoughts on the importance of putting your work out there regardless.

The two also delve into his process, self-definition and the challenges of being a multi-hyphenate versus the world’s perception of you. They also discuss the inception of Brian’s incredible children’s books and ‘TORI’ the theatre play running at Het Nationaal Theater in collaboration with RIGHTABOUTNOW INC In this episode, Brian recounts how he wrote ‘Tori’ for his own kids, to fill a void on their story-time bookshelf. He also takes us through the winding, kill-your-darlings creative process of creating children’s book number two and, now, number three.

Hear Brian’s story of going from being a team player first to learning to turn the spotlight on yourself and how he aims to lead by example for his kids – doing the job he loves most.

He also talks accepting and growing within his signature style plus forever letting his inner child take the driver’s seat.

Dominique wants to know more about a controversially titled upcoming Das Mag publication and what he thinks about Omroep ZWART the inclusive channel causing a ruckus in Holland. (Of course, Dominique is already a member.)