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The Most

Dec 10, 2020

HYPEPEACE founders Jenn & Michael, sit down with Dominique to retrace the beginnings of their purpose-driven streetwear brand. Recounting how they went from somewhat hesitantly printing a small batch of bootleg T-shirts carrying a play on the famous Palace Tri-Ferg in 2016, to becoming a powerful and innovative force for change, supporting all-important causes and raising funds and political awareness. 

On this episode, Jenn shares her story from growing up in the Philippines to studying fashion design in London and Michael retraces how hip-hop and Rage Against The Machine have impacted his life every step of the way. Find out how the two met and how HYPEPEACE evolved naturally to becoming a bullhorn for political change via fashion. The three discuss shifts in streetwear and harnessing hype culture to communicate messages of equity, justice and anti-racism. Jenn & Michael also talk being a community-based brand, staying focused and share their advice to young creators - as well as send out a global open call for collabs - plus share their plans ahead.