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The Most

Jun 16, 2022

Jan-Jan Van Essche, the mystical Belgian designer who has garnered a cult following around the globe for his timeless and poetic series of garments is joining Dominique Nzeyimana at the loft. An award-winning Antwerp Fashion Academy alumnus, Jan-Jan is the co-founder of experiential treasure-hunting store Atelier Solarshop. His namesake work is sold at design temples from Ginza to London and counts fans among culture-shifters like Rihanna and Oscar winner Barry Jenkins.

On this episode of The Most, Jan-Jan talks his love for music, contemporary dance, working with luminaries like Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui as well as Jurgi Persoons and he shares his hopes for the brand as he prepares for the upcoming Paris Fashion Week.

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Jan-Jan Van Essche will present his SS23 collection at Paris Fashion Week on June 24 2022.